St Jude


Not in the main stream areas of Surry Hills or Redfern, St Jude’s cafe is one not to miss.

Having driven past this place several times, and it standing out as a place to definitely add to our list, we managed to get there one morning after swim training, and I’m very glad we did.

It has a pretty strange feel to it if I’m being honest as you walk in and look towards the ceiling, there is a row of old dolls that always just freak me out… Once you get past them though you start to notice the wall full of butterflies and the other eclectic things scattered through the cafe. Maybe it’s not so bad after all, considering it is named after a Saint….

StJude_5_17Jan14The staff were friendly and found us a seat quickly that was in the corner on some comfy benches looking over the whole cafe, including the table full of muffins and croissants, perfect… It was a good view though and we were able to see all the different breakfast options that were coming out, even though we weren’t to try them today, they sure looked pretty good! There also seemed to be a lot of business meetings going on, spotting at least 4 (maybe 5) in the short time we were there. Seems that it might be a favourite for the area.


The coffee was pretty reasonable. It looked great and had a great aroma. Strong enough and a good flavour as well. All in all a good mug.


This place is somewhere that I would recommend you take the long way to work one day and check it out, or settle in for a lazy morning on the weekend.


Besides the odd dolls and the “Saint” undertones St Jude is a good honest cafe that serves a good coffee.


Coffee: Good enjoyable coffee with good flavour
Place: A little eclectic, but in a nice way (besides the dolls…!)
Service: Friendly and laid back
Food:  Looked great! Will have to try


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