Juice & Java


On the busy Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills you could be mistaken by the corner takeaway shop feeling you get as you walk past Juice & Java, although you might be casting a judgmental eye too soon as the coffee is worth stopping for…

Sure, it’s not the normal type of cafe we would review, and it’s probably not the normal type of cafe you would visit at a glance. But this one is worth stopping by for a coffee.


Don’t mind all the takeaway special’s boards, the deep fried food options, the fridge full of cold drinks and all the other elements that scream “BAD COFFEE”, just wander up and order your poison and await to be pleasantly surprised.


I have it on good authority that the Barista is know to create new blends and experiment. So there is always an opportunity to have a chat about what is going on at the moment. You might just end up getting a taste of the latest creation.


Ignore your visual senses and enjoy a coffee from this unusual shop on the busy Elizabeth St. It’s worth calling past.


Coffee: Good flavour and strength
Place: Strange deli/food court feel, not that inviting
Service: Friendly
Food:  Didn’t try


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