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Once again Thursday rolls around and our regular spot is still closed (I hope you are enjoying your holidays!!) and being unimpressed with last week’s choice we thought we would follow another regular squad round the corner to Schibello Caffe to see what it had to offer.

SchibelloCaffe_2_16Jan14Walking in from the street it seems like the place to be with packs of cyclists everywhere talking and having a great time. It doesn’t look much from the street and unfortunately after walking in it was much of the same. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. it’s just a bit plain… So we were hoping that the coffee was a little more exciting .

SchibelloCaffe_1_16Jan14Well luckily the coffee was. It had a pretty good flavour and was quite strong. It bordered on almost burnt but not quite. It was a step up from last week, but I don’t think we are going to be changing our regular spot anytime soon…



A popular one with the cyclists from Centennial Park this place does a good coffee out of an otherwise bland cafe. A seat outside in the sun would be nice, but don’t rush there


Coffee: Not a bad mug
Place: A little boring and bland
Service: Friendly
Food:  Didn’t try


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