Salvador Coffee


Darlinghurst is full of hidden gems that lay quietly in the side roads. Salvador is the perfect example. A place that I never would have found if I hadn’t needed to visit the office next door…

A small shop front next to a sandwich shop (that I hear is also quite legendary in the area) houses a fresh looking cafe with a mezzanine floor hosting a floor covered in hessian bags full of raw coffee beans ready to be roasted in-house.

Salvador_3_31Jan14The staff are super friendly and we get a little tour of the roasting area upstairs while we wait for our coffee to arrive. It’s always nice to see places roasting their own beans and making a feature of the process, even nicer to get the tour from the cafe owner and operator.

Salvador_4_31Jan14The coffee is full of flavour and has a great strength, the milk is silky smooth and the whole experience is very enjoyable. It’s a shame that it’s in a location that means I won’t frequent it, but the local businesses must really love having such great coffee so close.



Just off Crown St in Darlinghurst, this place is worth a stop if you have some time during the day or you are in the area. Great coffee.


Coffee: Strong & flavoursome
Place: Fresh with open roasting area
Service: Very friendly
Food:  Didn’t try this time


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