Single Origin Roasters


It was with much fan fare that we finally made our way to Single Origin Roasters to try their famous brew. It wasn’t without parking issues, but I tell you what, it was worth the issues!

SingleOrigin_1_31Jan14Located in the bustling area in Northern Surry Hills this cafe is without doubt a stand out. The whole place just oozes Surry Hills class and style and the smells coming from the huge bay windows are ever so alluring…!

SingleOrigin_2_31Jan14 Taking a seat outside and admiring the shiny red thing parked on the street in front of us, we were greeted by friendly and casual staff which is always nice. A couple of coffee’s ordered and a browse of the breakie menu, damn, looked good, but not this morning…

Single Origin_3_31Jan14The coffee was delivered nice and quick and in what could possibly be utterly the best coffee mugs we have ever had the pleasure of holding. These ceramic handle-less gems are amazing, and I’m currently poised ready to purchase one of my own just to admire! You can read all about these special mugs HERE.

Single Origin_1_31Jan14SingleOrigin_4_31Jan14

To top it off, the coffee was as great as you would expect. Great flavour, great strength, great silky milk. Nailed it.

SingleOrigin_3_31Jan14Will we be back? You can bet your bottom dollar on it. In fact, when we do, if the food is as good as the coffee this place could be the first 5/5 mug review…


Get here! If you love your coffee and you love Surry Hills (who doesn’t?) Then this place is where you need to be. Today. Now. Leave your office and go. I’m not telling you again.


Coffee: Stunning.
Place: Oozes Surry Hills class and Style
Service: Great, friendly & casual
Food:  If its good you may see 5/5 mugs…


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