The Grounds of Alexandria


In the heart of Industrial Alexandria you will find a place that does not belong. In fact it The Grounds of Alexandria take you to a place far far away from bustling Alexandria, and that place is magical.

Walking through the gate the first thing you realise is just how big this place is! It is enormous! Before you even get inside (if the line isn’t out the gate!) you will lose yourself wandering through the gardens exploring all the corners you can find…

Grounds_4_07Feb14 Focus! Get to the line and put your name down for a table. You will probably be told it will be half an hour or so. But you won’t care. You will wander over to the espresso bar and order a takeaway coffee made from in-house roasted beans to enjoy while you get back to exploring that amazing garden. You will find vege gardens, flower beds, kids play areas, big old market cart stalls and the local residents Kevin Bacon and Bradley. Make sure you say hello.

Grounds_5_07Feb14Before you know it the buzzer in your hand will be going off just as you finish the last of that coffee you grabbed earlier and you will be seated inside in a sea of atmosphere and friendly staff. It might take you some time to choose from the menu so I will save you the time and tell you to just order the Breakfast Board. Trust me.

Grounds_2_07Feb14The standard coffee changes week to week and I’m yet to get a bad brew. The barista’s here are pretty well on the money, and so they should be with the Grounds offering coffee appreciation and roasting training courses held in house by owner Jack Hanna.


The food is great. I hope for your sake that you did have the breakfast board, otherwise you may have a bit of food envy watching someone else enjoy what could have been yours… But don’t worry too much I have it on good authority that the rest of the menu is equally delicious.

On your way out try grabbing on of the LSA smoothies… delicious…

Grounds_3_07Feb14Would I go out of my way to get here? Abso-bloody-lutely! And so should you! People come from everywhere to eat here, especially on the weekends when the Grounds hold farmers markets, petting zoo’s, arts & crafts markets, yoga classes and a plethora of other great attractions!


A total sanctuary right in the middle of industrial Alexandria, Jack Hanna has nailed this one. People and families flock from around the city to hang out here for the morning.


Coffee: Strong & flavoursome
Place: Huge and super inviting with so much to see!
Service: Very friendly
Food:  Doesn’t get much better


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