Meadow Cafe


You jump out the pool and need a caffeine hit and some breakfast before you rush off to work for the morning? How convenient that there is a cafe attached to the pool, and they use Campos beans, couldn’t be that bad.

Well truth is it’s not that bad. It’s definitely not great, but if you are in a rush and can’t spare the few minutes walk down the road for a coffee then I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can get from the cafe that is essentially part of the pool.

Meadow_2_10Jan14There is a swimmers special breakfast that is often the favourite. Scoring yourself a coffee with eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) on your choice of toast for the measley sum of $10. Not bad.The coffee is far from outstanding, but its also far from horrible, putting it in the middle somewhere and making the quick takeaway grab on the way past not such a bad experience.



If you have just had a swim set and are looking for a quick cheap breakie and coffee before you head to work then it’s not a bad place. Otherwise if you have time go for a very short walk down the road…


Coffee: Average but not too bad
Place: Convenient (post swim)
Service: Hit and miss
Food:  Cheap and not too bad


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