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So for a long time there has been a video shop around the corner from my parents place in Adelaide, as long as I can remember actually, and it was great, cheap and had it all, so when I drove past while back home the other week I was a little surprised it had gone and been replaced with a cafe… Adelaide isn’t renowned for good cafe’s in the suburbs so I was a little apprehensive but thought I’d give it a go… Bloody glad I did!

Immediately I was a little bit impressed with the layout. The place was huge but had a good feeling about it. Plus, wandering up to the counter I noticed that not only was there a choice of three roasts (one of which being a house blend) but the guys were in the back roasting their own stuff in house. Now for a cafe in the Adelaide suburbs this is a massive step forward! Now just the coffee test… Carnevale_3_24Jan14 Carnevale_2_24Jan14Aaaaaaand it’s good! While I was in town I tried all the roasts available and they were all quite good and different. The Rawanda roast was really smooth yet strong and full of flavour, the house blend was an easy drinker and the¬†Colombian roast had enough bite to really cut through the milk as promised!

Carnevale_9_24Jan14Unfortunately they were not setup to do breakfast yet, although noticing the large open kitchen like space out the back I had to ask… Yes they are winding up to operate a kitchen. Fantastic news!

Carnevale_6_24Jan14Carnevale_5_24Jan14My question prompted one of the owners ears to prick up and explain what was happening in the place which was fantastic. Had a good wander around and explored the outside area which was setup very well with bike racks, plenty of chairs, tables and umbrellas and a great area for the kids to run wild (very important in suburban Adelaide!)

Carnevale_4_24Jan14All in all I am very impressed with this place! I can’t wait till the kitchen is up and running as I will no doubt spend a few mornings a week hanging out with a coffee and some eggs :) Plus… It’s just around the corner from home and up the road from the Adelaide office. Happy days.


House roasted beans and friendly staff make this cafe a winner for me. The coffee is great and it’s very refreshing to see a place like this just South of Adelaide, love it. Great work team, can’t wait to try the breakfast!


Coffee: Great coffee with good flavour and a few selections!
Place: Very “Sydney” and the outdoor area is fantastic
Service: Great staff. Friendly and chirpy.
Food:¬† Waiting for the kitchen… (we will be back!)


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