Kepos Street Kitchen


After shopping at the Coles across the road for 3 years and never really noticing the little cafe across the road I am very glad that a good friend suggested we grab a coffee there one morning…

Officially located in Redfern although most will claim that it’s on the edge of Surry Hills, the first thing I notice as I wander inside is that they use The Grounds of Alexandria beans, good start.


The second thing I notice (as I flick through some online reviews) is that the breakfast menu sounds sensational! Turns out that these guys are an award winning cafe bistro (where have I been??) Must come back to try some of these goodies!

There is plenty of seating inside and out, maybe just as we were there between the morning and lunch rush, but nobody had trouble getting a table if they wanted to sit down. Bit of a shame that they don’t have any wifi, although seems a trend in Redfern and Alexandria to not have… maybe it’s to keep a high turn-over?


Anyway, the important part is always the coffee, and these guys don’t miss a beat. Maybe not quite hot enough (being picky) but the flavour was great and the milk was well made. Both the regular and larger sizes were well balanced and very enjoyable.


This place is one I will definitely be back to. Yes, maybe because it is very nicely across the road from the local shops, but mainly because it’s a great mug!


A nice cafe in a busy local shopping area, seems that it may have eluded the masses being over the road… But you should lift your eyes and cross the bitumen as this cafe with Grounds beans is definitely a class above everything else in eye sight.


Coffee: Well made with Grounds beans, balanced and silky
Place: A little hidden(?) but great casual feel
Service: Friendly & casual
Food:  Sounds amazing, but yet to try…


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